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The comfort of your living room on 8 wheels

 Masters Golf, Kentucky Derby, Notre Dame and Penn State Football, to name a few. 

We take care of everything: tickets, hotels, and travel. In our unbelievable executive coach, we offer comfortable couches, booths, and chairs, as well as in-motion satellite tv, wifi, bathroom, and much more.  We have had NFL players, entertainers, and even filmed a television show aboard our coach.  We also do weddings, concerts, proms, corporate events, casino trips or anywhere else you want to go.

No matter the destination, It’s sure to be a trip you won’t forget.


Travel like never before in our Executive Coach with couches, booths and individual seating.  Watch your favorite event on one of our large 4 flatscreens, or play a DVD.  With 2 refrigerators, microwave, wifi, outlets, bathroom and much more, you’ll think your at home in your living room

Travel like never before in our Executive Coach. Watch a DVD or your favorite event on one of our four large flat screens. With two refrigerators, a microwave, wifi, outlets, bathroom, you’ll be sure to have all the comforts of home.


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